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Scootertrip: To Bulgaria, accident

Den 1-3: cesta do Bulharska, nehoda

Day 1 – Slovakia

We set out on a journey on friday 31.7.2015. First feelings are great, loaded scooter can still go between 100-110 on a straight road, which is fast and over expectations. We met with Radek in Roznov in MaiCafe, from where we started our trip officially. Here is a short movie from the event:

After half hour, by the Slovakian border I’ve got several stings in my right hand, until I terminated the bee. Well, great start..

One hour later came another action, after going to a hole my iPhone went off the holder and fell on asphalt. We stopped and were running for this, 3 cars passed and the last went directly on the phone. Shouting, waving, he missed the phone for 5 centimeters. Uff..

Day 2 Romania

Scooter camp in Hronec was great as alway and the next day the plan was to arrive to Cluj, Romania. We were accompanied by Rosta on BMW GS. When the temperature got up, Radeks scooter started to overheat. We broke the front mask to get the more air in and it seemed OK.

The way was boring, long straight roads, nothing to watch. We did at least a picture of the most boring bicycle road – 30kilometers straight 🙂Rosta invited us for dinner and gave us a bottle of Slivovice (thanks!), then we split and went to Cluj to visit our couchsurfing hosts, with whom we sat and drinked. Scooters stayed on the street, but we were told that nobody will steal anything in Romania, Cluj is a very safe city. One of our hosts Pavel had a stylish moustache, so we decided to give him the bobcross T-shirt, as he is the only one who can wear this!

Den 3 – Rumunsko, Bulharsko a nehoda

We woke up after 7AM to set out sooner, as there was over 600 kilometers planned for this day, which is a lot on such a small scooter. Well, we had no idea what was waiting for us. After 2 hours of drive we are leaving highway, there is a nice long curve, that you can go through with a finger in your nose. Going 70km/h my scooter starts to slide aside, handlebars have no control. I was going without gloves and in flipflops, it was very hot. In a fraction of second I knew its bad and another fraction of second I was sliding on the asphalt behind my scooter. It just quickly came in my mind that I should slide on my shoulder where I have the motorcycle jacket. Then, after 15 meters both me and scooter stopped, so I lifted it up, checked myself and did not believe my own eyes – I have no single scratch on my hands and feets! My shoulder hurts, jacket is gone and trousers broken a bit, few scratches, damaged bag and holder. A good score for 70km/h. We picked everything up and went to petrol station to check everything again and Radek to smoke a cigarette.

Being lucky that our trip did not end before it started we continued. It was 30 degrees and Radeks Honda started to overheat again. The plan is to remove the Thermostat but it is impossible on the hot scooter. We have to slow down and go the loooong straight roads 65-75 kph. Does not seem like that, but compared to our standard speed 95 it is a big big difference. Then, we had to wait over 1 hour on border with Bulgaria and had the last part of 200kms to drive. After the whole day, to drive such distance 70 I thought we will never arrive. Tried to sit anyhow to shorten my time and that my ass does not hurt that much.

Finally we arrived after 9pm and what came was a reward for all the difficulties. We slept at Dean, who is a great person and had barbecue with him and his friends. We got our stomachs full and had fun until 2AM, when we went to bed.

Today is a relaxation day, we need to remove the thermostat and if we go on, it will be a short distance, around 100kms.